Printing & Engraving Services in Queensbury NY

Etched in Valor offers a full spectrum of services and options, including:


UV Printing plaque

UV Printing

Utilizing the newest technology with a Mimaki 6042MKII Flatbed Printer. UV printing uses ultraviolet (UV) light to dry ink almost immediately. Etched in Valor can print color on almost any hard surface that fits in our printer, from photos on canvas, to custom logos and images on medals, trophies, plaques, yard signs, drinkware, bricks, slate, tile, sports balls (e.g., golf balls), and more.

Laser Engraving

Etched in Valor has two Gravograph LS100EX engraving machines. This technique utilizes lasers to etch the logo, image, or words on the item to be engraved. Laser engraving is commonly used to engrave colored aluminum or items such as tumblers, by engraving the top layer to expose a different color beneath.

Service award plaque

Rotary Engraving

This traditional engraving technique etches directly on metal. Etched in Valor has two Gravograph ISO400 machines and a Hermes IS700 machine. This is traditional engraving and is utilized for engraving aluminum, brass, pewter, and plastic. Items such as medals, plates for perpetual plaques and urns, or plastic signs are commonly engraved on the rotary engravers.

Sublimated printed mouse pads


This process utilizes special ink printed on sublimation paper which is then applied to polyester-coated material (e.g., metal, acrylic, mugs, etc.) by heating it to make a gas which then saturates the material.

Wood Plaques

Custom Carved Wooden Signs

Etched in Valor can also create custom carved wooden signs utilizing its Next Wave Automation CNC machine. Signs for home and business such as welcome, address, number, or names are common uses.

Pantograph Engraving

For those items that can’t be engraved by rotary or laser, another option may be manual engraving on our Hermes Pantograph.



Cast and Precision Tooled Plaques

Etched in Valor is an authorized partner of Gemini Signage, offering cast and precision tooled plaques in brass or aluminum. These plaques are perfect for permanent architectural or memorial plaques and signs.

Custom Castings

Etched in Valor works directly with a manufacturer who can supply custom castings, such as challenge coins, belt buckles, pins, key chains, and custom resin trophies.